Introduction N

Nepal with 27 million people is the 12th poorest country in the world. 47% of its people are unemployed and 43% of women cannot read or write.  The infant mortality rate in the country is staggering at 91/1000 births and the average lifespan is only 60 years old. 

Landlocked, sandwiched between India and China, Nepal struggles to advance. The country endures countless political, economic and social challenges. Luckily the people’s friendliness and the country’s magnificent natural beauty has made the country endearing and loved by many. As a result, they are blessed to have numerous humanitarian initiatives that are aimed at uplifting the population.

One day in consultation, I met a man with a very big heart. I asked him if he had a dream. He confided that he did, “I want to make an orphanage in Nepal and name is after my mother, Lidicia, and my father, Shalom, in their honor.” Then he asked me if I could help him. So I did. Together with friends from Nepal, Australia, Hong Kong and Finland, we built a children’s home, a school and a nursery.

Come inside and take a look at love in action.